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Glory Be   in reply to ash8008
That was about 18 months ago.
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How current is this post?
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Thank you very much!!!!! Appericate all the help we can get
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Be my Hero! Car repair help, or just a small transportation car for my new life! On SSI only, Sacramento, CA.
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hi my name is cindy jones and im looking for a probono lawyer to help me with my case to get my kids back home do you know of one
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Thank u for that I'm go keep praying god go make a way for my family.
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Glory Be   in reply to JustAlittlesunshine
Post to:
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JustAlittlesunshine   in reply to Glory Be
I've done that and then it gives me the option to download from my own photos and I do but it isn't changing my background.
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Glory Be   in reply to JustAlittlesunshine
Not at all. While logged in, go to the main page ( and click on your user name in the upper right hand corner and select "customize background".
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Do you mind if I ask how you were ale to get your back ground? I keep trying to change my background to some of my personal photography and I cant get it to show up.
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angelheart7   in reply to Glory Be
Recently I trusted a boyfriend from the past. He purchased my property and house that was in horrible shape from IKE. The deal was I was to collect the rest of the money from him from renters, however he fixed the place us for himself and his mom. After many months and finding myself in a bind due to loss of work, he claims he put to much in the house as if it was an even trade. We are talking alot of money still owed. I do not want to be pesky but I did not twist his arm to buy it. Need advice and already sent him an itemized statement of what is left he owes and he acts brain dead like he forgot everything he promised. i know he has the money to pay me back cause he spent 3000 to repair a very old truck and owns numberous properties even mine now. Also spent thousands to fix the place up over thrity I am sure cause I witnessed repairs done. The house is like a dream home now and he lives there with no morgage since I practically had to sell for land value.
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Glory Be   in reply to angelheart7
Thank you, he did bless me with their company.
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shantes09   in reply to Glory Be
Thankyou anyway God bless you.
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Glory Be   in reply to shantes09
No, I'm sorry, I'm in SW Virginia. You can Google "cheap motels NJ" or where ever you're seeking though and you can drill down from there.
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Hello do you know of any cheap hotels in oxon hill capitol heights temple hills maryland im not asking for money just info.
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angelheart7   in reply to Glory Be
sounds like you are a hospitable person and God bless you for taking them in.
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Hello Mr K <wink>
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Glory Be   in reply to BaddCatt
Thanks, well, I can't really say for sure. Perhaps something happened to them. I haven't been able to get in touch with them since. I was really worried when I couldn't find them though.

On the bright side , the fare was transferred to an e-voucher upon the "no show" that can only be refunded to me -10% cancellation fee, or transferred to someone else by me.

You're right BaddCatt, although I was swindled out of a little cash, I tried to do something good and will continue to do so.
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BaddCatt   in reply to Glory Be
Wow. Sorry to hear that, Mr-K.

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I've been there, too. (Many times)
But I know you won't let one goofball change your heart.
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Glory Be
Boy did I get duped. I was moving someone in from out of state that needed a place to stay. I got them a train ticket and wired some spending money for the trip. I worked 12 hrs that day, then drove two hours to the train station only to find out they never got on the train. Then another two hr trip back home. I've done this several times before without any problem. Live and learn I guess.

I've got to see if I can get a refund now on the e-ticket or at least a credit. Anybody need an Amtrak credit?

It seems anywhere you go on the internet anymore people are out to take advantage of you.
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